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Our Products

Canadian Skid Systems has partnered with three unique companies to represent them in Western Canada that specialize in custom designs and manufacturing of modular skid mounted systems.

Cobey Energy

is a global designer and manufacturer of customized modular lubrication-compression-conditioning packages for the oil & gas, power gen and air separation industries. Products include lube oil consoles, dry gas seal panels, high speed reciprocating compressors, water injection skids, rundown tanks and rotating equipment packages. Systems can be designed to customer specifications, industry and applicable ISO/API standards.

Cobey CO-6209 Brim Compressor Package

Canadian Skid Systems

designs engineers and manufacturers packadged HVAC and process systems complete with chillers, boilers, pumps, welded pipe and all hydronic specialties for the commercial and industrial market. Each package is pre-wired with electrical switchgear, drives and control systems and delivered to site pre-commissioned and ready for turnkey operation. Canadian Skid Systems, systems can be housed in our custom fabricated double wall enclosure suitable for outside use in extreme weather conditions and complete with lighting, environmental and life safety systems. Consulting engineers and end users consider Canadian Skie Systems an extension of their own in-house design team. We work with our customers on every stage of the project from system concept, development, selection of equipment and detailed design through installation, start-up and commissioning.

Chiller and Boiler Plants – Canadian Skid Systems offers complete factory built chiller plants that include water or air-cooled chillers, pumps, cooling towers, interconnecting piping, valves, hydronic specialties and electrical switchgear and controls. Boiler plants are built the same way. Steam boilers or hot water boilers are packaged together with all the necessary equipment, including breaching and stacks to provide a complete packaged system. Thermal plants include both boilers and chillers with all the ancillary equipment, packaged together as a complete central plant.Canadian Skid Systems also offers central mechanical plants for water source heat pump systems. Utilizing boilers and fluid coolers (or the more efficient combination of open cooling towers with heat exchangers), pumps and optional DHW system, Canadian Skid Systems can custom build a solution that works for your application. Design flexibility is a major contributor to our success. Our customers can choose to supply us with their own preferred equipment or have us source all the package components. We also offer our customers redundancy options and equipment selection and piping configuration flexibility. We do not catalog products, as we offer custom systems that match our individual customer’s requirements. All Canadian Skid Systems packaged plants come to site factory tested and ready for easy on-site installation and set-up and both equipment start-up and commissioning are available directly from Canadian Skid Systems.



is a full service equipment design firm specializing in solutions for plant emission issues including:

  • Regenerative, Catalytic, and Recuperative thermal oxidation systems
  • Ozone emissions from Corona treat systems
  • Process duct design and installations
  • Particulate control systems, including scrubbers and wet electrostatic precipitators
  • Capture (PTE) enclosure design
  • Aftermarket services including; equipment inspections, system upgrades and repairs, utility reviews and optimization, used equipment, and project management, and oversight

The benefit of working with NESTEC, Inc. is that we bring over 25 years of experience in the environmental field to every project. Furthermore, NESTEC, Inc. has developed a team of contractors and suppliers with similar experience to ensure every aspect of every project goes smoothly. When the project is complete, the system is maintained and serviced by experienced NESTEC, Inc. technicians familiar with your process, equipment and training requirements