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Cobey Manufacturing Facility

Cobey offers complete design and manufacturing of compressor packages, oil systems, shaft seal support systems and other related equipment for the petrochemical, power generation and air separation industries.

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • 102,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space with complete fabrication, assembly and test capabilities
  • 35 ft under hook
  • (2) 50/20 ton cranes and (2) 20 ton cranes
  • (3) 20 ft wide doors.
  • Major equipment – Laser shaft alignments, TIG/MIG welding machines, submerged arc machines, spray arc machinesCobey Manufacturing Facility
  • plasma cutters, pipe benders, punch press, pipe beveling machine, and paint & blasting booths

Cobey is qualified to manufacture to the following codes, specifications and standards:

  • AISC
  • ANSI – B31.1, B31.3
  • API – API-11P, API-610, API-614, API-617, API-618, API-619, API-676
  • ASME – U, NB
  • All materials welded to ASME Section IX

Cobey Design and Engineering Department

Design and Engineering

Our engineering team consists of Project Managers, Project Designers and Document Control.  Our highly experienced Project Managers have a wide range of knowledge in rotating equipment and related auxiliaries.  They are responsible for the component selections and procurement as well as the successful implementation of project designs.

Project Designers are skilled in structural, vessel and piping design, and utilize the latest in solid modeling software for accurate and efficient designs including:

  • SolidWorks Premium
  • SolidWorks FEA Analysis Simulation Add-on
  • SolidWorks Routing/Piping Add-on
  • Compress Pressure Vessel Design Software

Document Control supports customers needs for on-time document
submittals, and information flow to manufacturing.


Case Study CO-6060: High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor PackageCobey CADD Model High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Package

Scope & Purpose

Two (2) Export Gas – High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages

  • 2,750 HP, 4,160 V electric motor
  • 4,000 PSI discharge pressure
  • Used to transport natural gas to an on-shore processing facility for eventual sale

Two (2) Flash Gas – High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages

  • 1,500 HP, 4,160 V electric motor
  • 120 PSI discharge pressure
  • Used to capture fugitive gas reducing greenhouse emissions.


The units will be installed on the Jack & St. Malo Floating Production Unit (FPU) in the Gulf of Mexico, 270 miles offshore.  Water depth is 7,000 ft while the oil and gas deposit is located 20,000 ft  below the sea bed.  Oil and gas production is expected to continue for 30-40 years at this location which will output approximately 500 million oil barrels.

About the Owners

The Owner is one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies.


Case Study CO-6144: Compressor Package

Scope & PurposeCobey CO-6144 Compressor Package

One (1) Integrally-Geared 2-Stage Fuel Gas Compressor Package

  • 1,880 HP, 6,600 Volt electric motor
  • 450 PSI discharge pressure
  • Boosts fuel gas pressure for use in electrical power generation, providing  power to the fertilizer plant


Jamalpur, Bangladesh

About the Owners

This state-owned company located in Jamalpur, Bangladesh produces fertilizers such as ammonia and urea.


Case Study CO-6209: Compressor Package

Scope & PurposeCobey CO-6209 CNG Compressor Package

This compressor package consists of an integral-gear compressor coupled to an expansion turbine. This custom-designed combined machine package is used to give air separation plants a high degree of product flexibility and energy efficiency – much more than is available from a conventional plant.

This allows for compression of various plant streams to meet desired levels of product pressure and quantity, and at the same time directly use energy recovered from cryogenic gas expansion through the turbine.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Case Study CO-6229: CNG Compressor Package

Scope & PurposeCobey CO-6209 CNG Compressor Package

CE-C250NG CNG compressor

  • Used to deliver high pressure natural gas for use as a vehicular fuel
  • 200 Hp Caterpillar natural gas engine driven
  • Capable of 474 scfm (3.8 GGE/min.) @ 50 psig inlet pressure
  • Compresses natural gas from utility pipeline pressure to 4,500 psig
  • Additional Cobey supplied CNG Equipment:
    • (1) Gas Dryer
    • (2) CNG Fast Fill Dispensers


  • GE H302 high speed reciprocating compressor
  • CAT G3306BTA natural gas engine
  • NFPA 52-2013 & 37 compliant
  • Self contained operation with automatic start/stop
  • Remote monitoring ready control panel with touch screen interface
  • Includes Motor Control Center (MCC)


Palatka, FL located one hour south of Jacksonville was chartered by the
State of Florida on January 8, 1853.  During the 1850s Palatka became
the major center for transportation, freight, lumber, citrus and tourism on
the St.  Johns River.


Case Study CO-6159: Lube & Seal Oil System

Scope & PurposeCobey CO-6159 Lube and Seal Oil System CADD Model

Two (2) Lube and Seal Oil Systems servicing turbo expanders used in a geothermal power plant.   The plant uses the closed-loop Rankin Cycle with refrigerant capturing energy from the earth in the form of low grade heat.  With a lower boiling point than water, the refrigerant replaces traditional steam as the main power source.


The units will be installed in Denizli, Turkey.  This is the first geothermal power plant in Turkey


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