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Fuel Forwarding Skids

The Fuel Forwarding Skid along with the Fuel Management Spool provides the turbine with liquid fuel at the appropriate pressure and temperature. Typically the Fuel Forwarding Skid includes dual pumps and an electric heater, and the Fuel Management Spool includes a pressure control valve and an EPA certified flow meter. The Skid is usually contained in a sound/weather enclosure to protect the operators and equipment and mounted near the liquid fuel storage tanks, where the Spool is shipped loose and mounted in the pipe rack near the turbine to provide optimum pressure control. Temperature control is through an SCR controller mounted in a separate control cabinet.

With the rapid growth in the power generation industry, the demand for gas turbine generators has increased significantly. The ability to use liquid fuels is critical to reliability of the generator. Cobey has manufactured numerous liquid fuel packages for various customer and end users world wide. The skids simple design and component standardization allows for cost reductions while improving quality.